Fantasy Superbowl Preview

Playoff Record: 3-3

Final Regular Season Record: 46-40

The League’s second season has been a blast from jump.  Outdoing a stellar first season was a tall order, but I think we managed to do it.  I can attest that the Western Draft party was ridiculous – and through our webcam feeds we could tell the Red Deer crew was doing it up too; the website has been an wonderful circlejerk for both the sportswriters and wannabees; the chat has risen to new levels – I have no idea how I haven’t caused an eight car pile up on the highway yet reading back over pages and pages of jokes offensive enough to cause racial uprisings.  Now we’ve reached the end, thankfully somehow we’ve all survived to see it, and we have a great match-up to cap off the year.


The first team to make Superbowl II is The Brink.  Truly the epitome of the ‘nobody believes in us’ squad the Brink defied all the odds and made the finals despite being a rookie to fantasy and drafting only the following running backs: Reggie Bush, Justin Forsett, and Ryan Torain.  Bravo Frenchman.

The second team of course is the reigning, undefeated in the playoffs to date, and STILL heavy-weight (it must be the perogies) champion of The League – Rapethlisberger.  He arguably came into draft day with the clearest vision of what his team would look like and laid down the big bucks to lock up Mike Vick and Ray Rice.  Although his regular season did not go as he hoped, he managed to squeak into the playoffs where he’s at his most dangerous.  Don’t look now, but he’s back and lookin for a repeat.


The Brink – As of late Tony Romo is living up to his high price tag at the start of the year.  22 TD’s and only 4 Int’s in his last ten games.  This week he faces a recently strong Philly D in a huge NFC East game.  No reason to think he won’t bring his best performance to the big stage right?  Oh wait, it’s Tony Romo and it’s the Cowboys in a must win game.  So he should be great for 3 quarters, and follow it up with two deadly fourth quarter interceptions – but still be fine fantasy wise.

Rape – Ironically playing in the same real life match Micheal Vick will be starting for the Champ.  Vick hasn’t lived up to the hype overall for the year, but he’s looked real good at times.  One of those times was against the Cowboys earlier in the year.  Another one of those times was last week.  So he’s presumably healthy, playing against a team he can score on, in a huge game.

Wide Receivers

The Brink – First off we’ve got Jabar Gaffney going up against the Vikings secondary.  Wait a minute, the Vikings have no secondary.  Nice match-up, and Grossmans slingin it lately. Demiryius Thomas goes up against the Bills.  I think Tebow’s throws have looked better and better and Thomas has the skillset to be a beast – don’t trust him yet every week, but definitely dangerous.  At flex Brinks starting Dwayne Bowe against Oakland.  Bowe’s been extraordinarily average lately, but the Raiders have a week secondary and he will get his targets.

Rape – A.J. Green has a great match-up against the Cards and is a guy I totally trust.  Making his first start on the Rape Squad is Randall Cobb in place of the injured Boldin.  Cobb is explosive, and should get more time with Jennings out – still a risky play though.  Another risky play at flex is Nate Burleson.  14 points last week, and only two the week before.  Still he goes up against the Chargers, and the Lions will have to air it out a lot which could mean good things.

Running Backs

The Brink – McGahee hasn’t had a really great game in a few weeks.  He should be able to get it going against a Bills defense which got ripped up last week by our next RB.  Reggie Bush is playing like a man who’s gotten a second chance and realizes he can’t waste it.  I expect him to put up points against the Pats high school defense.

Rape – Ray Rice likely to be the highest bid RB in next years auction goes against Cleveland.  Doesn’t matter who he’s matched up against, look out.  Helu is playing well, but he’s banged up and who knows how Shanny will react to that.  If he can’t go it’s Kendall Hunter which would be a significant downgrade for Rape.

The Rest

I’ll take December Antonio Gates over any TE (Gronks included), and as much as I like both defenses I’ll take Bmore just because of match-ups.


The Eagles beat the Cowboys.  The Giants beat the Jets.  Gaffney is the highest scoring receiver. Reggie Bush is the highest scoring RB.  Brink is the new Champ.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, fuck you all! See you all next year! (unless I get stuck writing the awards column -but I’m looking for Stev or Hutz to step up)


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