Week 16 Power Poll: The Championship Edition

It has been another fantastic season for The League, and not just because I am in the Finals (again). Friendships were forged, lines were crossed and then crossed out (THERE ARE NO LINES!) and untold amounts of alcohol and other illicit substances were consumed all in the name of fantasy football. Everybody says they have the best fantasy league with the most die hard players and the craziest situations, but I feel like The League really does have that magic ingredient that takes it to the next level. That ingredient: unabashed racism.

Final Power Poll. I’d say it’s been fun writing them all year but it’s been a thankless burden. #curtailthecomplaining

1a. The Brink

I am still baffled by his success. Reggie Bush has somehow emerged as a Top 10 back in the last few weeks, Laurent Robinson continues to put up numbers despite seeing fewer targets after the return of Miles Austin and his revolving door at receiver always seems to have the right guy standing in it. But look past the luck and long shots and you find the rock-solid Baltimore D/ST, the terrifying-when-things-are-going-right Antonio Gates and the fantasy reliable but real life choke artist Tony Romo putting up points week in and week out. I have harped on him all year for having the shittiest team of the whole bunch on paper, but he has made some bold calls that have panned out (a few that haven’t) and pulled the trigger on a massive trade that could have made him look foolish but instead made him look pretty freaking smart. I feel like I have written those exact sentences a bunch of times because I probably have, but if Leon wins the ‘Ship we will look back and say he did more with less, played on the edge and took a ton of risks that ended up winning him the Crown.

1b. Rapelithsberger

I’d be lying if I said I expected to be back in The Finals. Less than a month ago I needed a ho-hum performance from Drew Brees and the Saints just to get in to the dance. Then the Miracle in Seattle happened to get me out of the first round, and last week I needed a MONSTER/KINDA FLUKY performance out of Seattle again to take down the mighty Dockers United. But here I am, and despite using the max moves allowed I have pretty much the same core as when I started the year. Vick is my QB. Rice is my RB. AJ Green is my nigga and the rest you know all too well. My problem now is injuries. Boldin is out. Green’s shoulder is sprained or something and Helu has toe/knee/coach issues. Other than that though match ups look solid. Ravens at Browns (unfortunately also benefits Brink), Vick against a Cowboys team he has lit up a few times and Green against Arizona. After winning last year I received little credit for my victory because my team was auto-drafted, but when I take home the blue jacket this year I will silence the haters.

Saturday gonna be crazy. Let’s make it the greatest chat day ever and don’t forget the magic ingredient.


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