Fantasy Superbowl Preview

Playoff Record: 3-3

Final Regular Season Record: 46-40

The League’s second season has been a blast from jump.  Outdoing a stellar first season was a tall order, but I think we managed to do it.  I can attest that the Western Draft party was ridiculous – and through our webcam feeds we could tell the Red Deer crew was doing it up too; the website has been an wonderful circlejerk for both the sportswriters and wannabees; the chat has risen to new levels – I have no idea how I haven’t caused an eight car pile up on the highway yet reading back over pages and pages of jokes offensive enough to cause racial uprisings.  Now we’ve reached the end, thankfully somehow we’ve all survived to see it, and we have a great match-up to cap off the year.


The first team to make Superbowl II is The Brink.  Truly the epitome of the ‘nobody believes in us’ squad the Brink defied all the odds and made the finals despite being a rookie to fantasy and drafting only the following running backs: Reggie Bush, Justin Forsett, and Ryan Torain.  Bravo Frenchman.

The second team of course is the reigning, undefeated in the playoffs to date, and STILL heavy-weight (it must be the perogies) champion of The League – Rapethlisberger.  He arguably came into draft day with the clearest vision of what his team would look like and laid down the big bucks to lock up Mike Vick and Ray Rice.  Although his regular season did not go as he hoped, he managed to squeak into the playoffs where he’s at his most dangerous.  Don’t look now, but he’s back and lookin for a repeat.


The Brink – As of late Tony Romo is living up to his high price tag at the start of the year.  22 TD’s and only 4 Int’s in his last ten games.  This week he faces a recently strong Philly D in a huge NFC East game.  No reason to think he won’t bring his best performance to the big stage right?  Oh wait, it’s Tony Romo and it’s the Cowboys in a must win game.  So he should be great for 3 quarters, and follow it up with two deadly fourth quarter interceptions – but still be fine fantasy wise.

Rape – Ironically playing in the same real life match Micheal Vick will be starting for the Champ.  Vick hasn’t lived up to the hype overall for the year, but he’s looked real good at times.  One of those times was against the Cowboys earlier in the year.  Another one of those times was last week.  So he’s presumably healthy, playing against a team he can score on, in a huge game.

Wide Receivers

The Brink – First off we’ve got Jabar Gaffney going up against the Vikings secondary.  Wait a minute, the Vikings have no secondary.  Nice match-up, and Grossmans slingin it lately. Demiryius Thomas goes up against the Bills.  I think Tebow’s throws have looked better and better and Thomas has the skillset to be a beast – don’t trust him yet every week, but definitely dangerous.  At flex Brinks starting Dwayne Bowe against Oakland.  Bowe’s been extraordinarily average lately, but the Raiders have a week secondary and he will get his targets.

Rape – A.J. Green has a great match-up against the Cards and is a guy I totally trust.  Making his first start on the Rape Squad is Randall Cobb in place of the injured Boldin.  Cobb is explosive, and should get more time with Jennings out – still a risky play though.  Another risky play at flex is Nate Burleson.  14 points last week, and only two the week before.  Still he goes up against the Chargers, and the Lions will have to air it out a lot which could mean good things.

Running Backs

The Brink – McGahee hasn’t had a really great game in a few weeks.  He should be able to get it going against a Bills defense which got ripped up last week by our next RB.  Reggie Bush is playing like a man who’s gotten a second chance and realizes he can’t waste it.  I expect him to put up points against the Pats high school defense.

Rape – Ray Rice likely to be the highest bid RB in next years auction goes against Cleveland.  Doesn’t matter who he’s matched up against, look out.  Helu is playing well, but he’s banged up and who knows how Shanny will react to that.  If he can’t go it’s Kendall Hunter which would be a significant downgrade for Rape.

The Rest

I’ll take December Antonio Gates over any TE (Gronks included), and as much as I like both defenses I’ll take Bmore just because of match-ups.


The Eagles beat the Cowboys.  The Giants beat the Jets.  Gaffney is the highest scoring receiver. Reggie Bush is the highest scoring RB.  Brink is the new Champ.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, fuck you all! See you all next year! (unless I get stuck writing the awards column -but I’m looking for Stev or Hutz to step up)


Week 15 Preview: The Semi-Finals Edition

Playoff Record: 2-2

Final Regular Season Record: 46-40

And then there were four.  The Quarterfinals were an explosive round featuring upsets in three out of four matches.  The one, two, four, and six seed all eliminated.

LIONel Hutz (8) vs. The Brink (5)

LIONel Hutz proved that his late season heroics were no fluke, routing the seemingly untouchable one-seed in the first round of the playoffs.  The Brink defeated Hurricane Ditka in equally impressive fashion.  Now these two teams which have been all but written off at various points of the season face off; one of them guaranteed a ticket to the big show.

Quarterbacks:  After completing another fourth quarter comeback against the Cowboys last week, Eli Manning is the guy every talking head on the NFL Network is raving about.  I am cautious about getting ahead of myself with this Giants team.  As adept at upsetting top teams in big games as they are, they are equally prone to dropping easy games to the Redskins.  So as far as Eli, I’m cautiously optimistic.

The other side of the coin is Tony Romo, who just happens to be starting for The Brink.  He has built a reputation for making bad decisions in big moments, but he still puts up numbers.  This week is a must-win for the Cowboys, and he should be able to produce against the Bucs.

Wide Receivers:  In the late stages of the season The Brink traded superstar Calvin Johnson to Hutz.   That decision has left him with a plethora of WR2/Flex level guys.  He currently is showing Laurent Robinson and Demaryius Thomas getting the starts.  Meanwhile Dwayne Bowe sits on the bench.  I think I would have trouble sitting Bowe for Laurent Robinson with Austin back and Robinson banged up.  I like the Thomas start against the Pats, and caution The Brink that depending on Tebow always seems like a terrible decision right before the points come rolling in.

For Hutz, Megatron is obviously a beast, and he should be hungry facing his former fantasy team who ditched him right before the playoffs after a monster season.  Percy Harvin is getting the WR2 start, despite AP returning.  He is getting the start ahead of DJax, and is a good example of what an explosive player can do if he actually tries and gets touches.

Running Backs:  Micheal Bush has a nice match-up with the Lions, although I do find the Oakland offence a little unpredictable at the moment.  Also his YPC has plummetted to 2.8 over the past three games.  Regardless this is a pretty safe start.  Shonn Greene is turning it on for the fantasy playoffs, what else is new.  Nice pickup for Hutz.  I don’t trust him yet.

Speaking of guys I don’t trust yet, Reggie Bush.  However, he has a nice match-up with the Bills and will be angry after getting fined 5k for wearing the wrong colour socks last week.  Guy I do trust:  Willis McGahee against the Pats.  Look for big things.

Both teams are starting a running back at flex.  Ben Tate has a nice match-up against the Panthers and should do good things assuming he gets some touches.  Brandon Jacobs has been looking much better in the last couple games, and should get close to an even split with Bradshaw on rushing touches.

The Rest:  I’ll give Gates the nod at TE over Jermaine “I’ve put up 3 points for just about every team in the League at one point or another” Gresham.  Hutz’s kicker put up 11 on monday, which is real strong.  I like both defensive matchups.

Prediction:  Real tight.  QB’s I consider even, WR’s a slight nod to Hutz, RB/Flex even.  I’ll sitck with my tradition of picking against the Brink.  You don’t trade Megatron.

Dockers United (3) vs. Rapelithsberger (7)

Dockers just keeps rolling.  They put up the strongest final month in the League, and then they are the only high seed to take care of business in the Quarterfinals.  They are the clear favorite now.

Displaying a surprising lack of championship hangover, the defending and still reigning Champ just keeps hanging around.  He went into Monday night needing fifteen from the Seattle D and got it done.  The guy has never lost a playoff game.

Quarterbacks:  Cam Newton was the steal of the draft, and should be given the most credit in Dockers success.  He is what we thought Micheal Vick would be.

Micheal Vick is constantly banged up and has a tough match against the Jets.  Dockers gets the nod here.

Wide Receivers:  Jordy Nelson has evolved beyond home run threat, into that special class of ‘possession receiver plus home run threat’.  I do think the Jennings injury hurts him, as he is likely to face the top DB’s now.  Still the Pack spreads it around well enough that he’ll get his as long as he stays in the game.  Mike Wallace has a tough match and is losing that ‘possession plus’ designation to Antonio Brown.  He probably will need a TD to put up strong numbers.

Old Anquan has been pretty unimpressive as of late, and has realistically probably fallen to WR2 on the Ravens.  AJ Green is this years Mike Williams, and is another guy who is depending on a TD to put up numbers.  I wouldn’t bet against it.   Rape is starting Nate Burleson at flex, and is another guy depending on a TD.  I see Rapes receiving corps as pretty dicey overall.

Running Backs:  Benson has a nice matchup, but he’s slowing down and splitting carries at this point.  Law Firm is completely unreliable.  Peyton Hillis gets the start at flex for Dockers, and is hoping to get a lot more work than last week.  I still don’t trust him.  Not a fan of Dockers RB’s.

Ray Rice was money well spent in the draft and is the consistency on Rapes team.  I have no doubt in him.  Helu has put up three good weeks in a row, and must have Shanahans trust at this point.  Rape gets a clear nod on the ground (strange sentence out of context).

The Rest:  Rob Gronkowski.

Prediction:  Rape and Hutz face off in a rivalry match so perfect you could almost say it was scripted from the beginning.

Playoff Quarterfinal Preview

Final Regular Season Record: 46-40

The time has finally come to start talkin bout PLAYOFFS.  This is the time when every decision, every catch and every drop can mean life or death.  Surviving a grueling regular season requires strong foresight from the beginning; the ability to be decisive and cutthroat dropping yesterdays hero for tomorrows prospect; to be clever and charming enough to swing advantageous trades; and to have unwavering commitment to putting forth the best starting line-up possible week in and week out.  All of the managers who remain at this point have displayed these characteristics in spades and I salute them – except Rape who seems to have some sort of agreement with Lucifer.

Self Indulgent disclaimer (feel free to skip to preview): I cannot deny that this will be a difficult preview for me to write.  Rape called me out in the power poll, accusing me of repressing the anger and despair I must feel for being knocked out of the show in such heartbreaking fashion.  Admittedly, I had gotten ahead of myself in the regular season – two weeks ago I had very little doubt in my mind that I would be in the playoffs.  But that changed after losing in week 12.  My fantasy outlook in general probably straddles realism and pessimism – so I can’t say I wasn’t somewhat prepared for this.  Of course I would love to be in the playoffs, but I cannot complain that I was hard done by.  Last year I was the team who made it further than I should have based on my points, and this year I finished slightly behind where I could have.  Them’s the breaks.  I can rest easy with the knowledge that every move I made was backed by what I consider sound evidence, and that in the long run that preparation and commitment will put me in a championship match someday. 

And without further ado, here are the Quarterfinal match-ups:

(1)Leprechauns vs. (8)LIONel Hutz

Our first match features the top seed versus the bottom.  Lep has basically been locked into the playoffs for a month, while Hutz completed a miraculous late charge (following an almost equally miraculous mid-season collapse) to get here.  The Hutz hype has begun, with the general consensus being his late season moves turned him into a true contender.  He’s entering the playoffs the right way on a hot streak, but has a monumental task in front of him right off the bat.  Lep had a lacklustre final week of the regular season, as teams who’ve locked up playoff spots often do, and will need to get back to form to avoid the embarrassment of an early exit.

QB:  Eli only has to keep it close with A-Rodge for Hutz to consider this a win.  Rodgers has the better match up, but something about Giants/Cowboys night game seems like big points to me.

WR:  Each team starts a stud and boom/bust.  I’ll take Megatron over anybody (especially against the Vikes secondary), and Torrey Smith (playing Indy) over DJax because the guy befuddles me.

RB:  Micheal Turner faces what must be a stout Panthers defense as they managed to hold LeGarrette Blount to 1.9 ypc last week.  So rest easy there Hutz.  I like Mike Bush against the Pack.  Shonne Greene exploded last week for three touchdowns, and often plays his best ball late in the season.  But the guy I’m really looking forward to watching is BEASTMODE on Monday night.

The Rest:  Percy Harvin stands out among the remaining players.  He has exploded and really taken advantage of the additional work he is seeing – I really like him to break a long play against a Lions D which loves to blitz.  (Update: Ponder doubtful, and AP back in practice – neither are good news for Harvin)  Both teams have great defenses – but I would lean towards the 49ers giving Kolb a rude welcoming to the starting job. (Update: The Pitt defense has a 12 point game going right now, but Colt is driving)

Prediction:  This game looks wide open to me and definitely has the possibility of being a huge first round upset.  But I’m not ready to pick against the Leagues top team just yet – Lep FTW.

(4)HURRICANE DITKA vs. (5)The Brink

The second match features the New Orleans Saints (sans Jimmy Graham) vs. a Brink team which looks very different than it did early in the season.  Give the Brink credit, he made some huge trades, and managed to fill in some of the gaping holes on his roster.  I still don’t believe his team has what it takes to go deep, but I’ve been wrong about his team all season long.  Another team I believe less and less in is Ditka.  I think he has a great team, but I don’t trust any team so heavily tied up in a single NFL team.  The Saints probably have a down week sometime in the next three and that’s when Ditka’s season comes to an end.

QB:  Romo outscores Brees this week.  The Giants will pick him off once or twice, but their secondary is really weak right now, and their pass rush has disappeared.

WR:  Robinson has missed some practice this week and Austin is returning.  Bowe is on Revis Island.  If Colston or Moore gets the TD’s this week should be a win for Ditka.  Could easily end up being Graham and Meachemderson though.

RB:  All around nice RB’s here.  I think Demarco does best against the Giants, followed by Mcgahee, Bush and then Sproles.

The Rest:  Both have solid tight ends, and flexes.  I like Gaffney against the Pats this week.  Bmore against Indy is boner inducing.

Prediction:  OK I found the upset I’m ready to pick à The Brink over Ditka.

(3)Dockers vs. (6)PeatyWhisky

The third match features the hottest team in the League against a team that seems to be losing steam quickly.  Dockers surpassed Ditka in the final week to win the West and push up to a 3 seed.  Peaty lost star running back Matt Forte for the entire playoffs, but will be helped by the return of Bradshaw.

QB:  Most single season rushing TD’s by a QB in his rookie season, Cam Newton is what we in the business call a fantasy lock.

WR:  Every wide receiver in this match is a guy equally capable of putting up 15+ or less than 3.  Jordy Nelson is playing inspired, VJax played well last week so shouldn’t do anything this week, and Stevie J seems to be starting to get it together.  Mike Wallace is playing right now and looking pretty mediocre. (Update 2: Wallace just scored a sick TD… or maybe not it’s getting challenged.  My pick was already made and I’m sticking to it.)

RB:  With Ryan Matthews picking up and Ahmad Bradshaw back, Peaty’s RB situation is strong despite losing Forte.  Benson and BJGE are decent options who depend on getting redzone carries if they’re going to put up solid numbers.

The Rest:  Watching Hillis do absolutely nothing so far in the Thursday nighter.  Gronkowski will have to beast to make up for it.  The Crab has a nice matchup.

Prediction:  Peaty upsets Dockers.

(2)Cool Hand Luke vs. (8)Rapethlisburger

Our final match is a rematch of last years championship game.  This time however, the roles have been flipped and the Commish is the overwhelming favorite and Crich forced to play the nobody believed in us role.

QB:  Apparently Mike Vick isn’t a good play this week coming off injury against a fiery Dolphins D.  And Phillip Rivers managed to play his best ball in a month last Monday against the Jags.  We’ll call this a tie for now.

WR:  Love Welker, but don’t trust Floyd yet.  Boldin has the sweet Colts matchup and if I’ve learned anything this season it is to trust in A.J. Green.

RB:  Ray Rice against Indy > Shady against the Dolphins.  That means the Commish needs a rejuvenated CJ to outperform Helu.  Both have decent matchups, so it should be tight.  Crich gets the nod at the Commish’s strongest position.

The Rest:  Both tight ends have seen their situations worsen, both flexes cannot be trusted.  Crich gets an extra point for the spark the Hawks defense will receive from our presence at the game.

Prediction:  Crich remains undefeated in playoff games.

Week 13 Preview: Playoff Steaks Edition

The Match: HURRICANE DITKA (9-3) vs. Rapelithsberger (6-6)

The Stakes: 

A win for Ditka, combined with a Lep loss could make him the Regular Season Champ.  Beyond that Ditka has all but locked up the Western Division with a game lead, and 40 points over second place Dockers should it come down to a tie-breaker. However his two-seed is still in jeopardy.  If Ditka loses, and the Commish wins and outscores Ditka by a measly 4 points, the two teams would swap seeds.  I hesitantly point out that having our champion as a three seed would be an embarrassment to the Western Division.

For Rape of course this match is life or death.  A win and he’ll take either the seven or eight seed.  A loss, combined with a win from either Hutz or Insano (who would also have to outscore Rape by 7 pts) would knock the defending and still champion of the League into the consolation bracket.

The Players:

QB: VY put up big numbers against a terrible Pats secondary last week.  He’ll have to repeat that against an occasionally stingy Seahawks defence at CenturyLink this Thursday to have any hope of keeping pace with Brees.

WR: By starting 80% of the Saints offense Ditka is able to greatly reduce the week to week variability of getting touchdowns from his wideouts.  Between Colston and Moore at least one of them should be in for a solid day, and the way Brees is playing probably both.  Boldin and Green are facing the best and third best pass defences in the League (the best being the Browns, largely because of the emergence of shutdown corner Joe Haden – bad news for Boldin).

RB: Sproles and Murray have both emerged as studs, and both have promising match ups this week.  Because of the Browns surprising pass defence I expect the Ravens to lean even more heavily than usual on Ray Rice which could mean big numbers – and Rape will need them.  Helu blew up last week, and Shanny finally gave him the starting gig (which it was pretty clear he should have done around week 3).

The Rest:  Witten puts up fantasy numbers every other week so he’s due for a good game. Owen Daniels could be good if Yates leans on him as many poor QB’s do with their TE.  Burleson is a better flex than Ex-Flex Jones.  The Pats Defence should be solid in a game with one of the largest spreads (NFL) in Vegas history.

Prediction:  It all comes down to the Saints.  I fully expect the NFC East leading Cowboys to choke against the Cards, but Demarco should be fine regardless.  If the Saints beast again, which they probably will, Crich will be in for a long Sunday night.  I’m taking Ditka.

PeatyWhisky (7-5) vs. Suck It Trebek (2-10)

The Stakes:

A win from Peaty combined with a loss from the Brink could easily move Peaty up into the five seed.  Even Dockers four seed is reasonably attainable with a high score and losses from Dockers and the Brink for Peaty.  He has a decent cushion over the seven seed (myself) and is unlikely to fall backwards.  If the playoffs were today he would play his brother in a first round showdown.

The Players:

QB:  Stafford should be passing a lot with no decent running game and a likely shootout against the Saints.  Dalton has a tougher match with the Steelers.

WR:  VJax is another every other game guy, so he should bounce back against the Jags.  Stevie J is taking his craziness to new levels, and for a brief time that usually means good things (before overdosing on pills).  Dez is a bit more consistent than Stevie and Brandon Lloyd is more consistent than either one of them… but he’s going up against the 49ers on the road.

RB:  Forte is the clear stud here.  Mendenhall was able to beast against a solid Cinci D two weeks ago, and the Steelers may turn to him again after their offensive struggles last week against the Chiefs.  Matthews and Tolbert project pretty close with Matthews getting all the yards and Tolbert taking the TDs.

The Rest:  Jimmy G is the best TE in the league, but Gonzalez always has a decent shot at a TD.  Looks like Bradshaw won’t be back yet so Peaty will probably start Denarious.  I would probably play Moss or Ingram over Garcon if I were SIT.

Prediction:  SIT projects higher, but I’ll take Peaty to close out with a win.

Cool Hand Luke (8-4) vs. Leprechauns (9-3)

The Stakes:

CHL could move into the two seed with a win, or as far back as a five seed with a loss (combined with wins from Dockers and The Brink).  CHL also has an outside shot at winning the November points race – he needs to outscore Dockers by 18, and outscore CP.

A win for Leprechauns basically secures him the top seed.  Even with a loss, he probably cannot fall lower than two, and is a lock to win the Eastern Division.

The Players:

QB:  An underperforming Rivers hopes to avoid embarrassment on Monday night against an underrated Jacksonville D.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jags rallied after JDR was finally fired and played an inspired game.  And Rodgers takes on a Giants defence who has previously relied on their pass rush to make up for inexperienced linebackers and a shaky secondary.  And they no longer seem to have a pass rush.  And I’m going to bet on them.  And the Jags.  And the Cards.  Might not be a pretty week.

WR:  Wes Welker plays Indy which is good news for CHL considering his WR2 is Dexter McCluster – a guy who shouldn’t even be started at flex.  Greg Jennings looks to be in for a good week.  Torrey Smith could be explosive, unless the Browns decide that he, not Boldin, should be covered by Haden.

RB:  If CJ2K is back, and Shady just keeps bein Shady CHL has a scary ground game.  I’m praying Turner gets hurt in practice this week so I can confidently start Jacquizz at flex.  Beast Mode should be good against a weak Philly run D.

The Rest:  Both have solid TE’s who probably don’t get the targets they deserve.  DWill has a nice match-up and is a better play than the banged up Starks.

Prediction:  I’ll take CHL in the upset, thanks to the Giants pride kicking in and holding the Packers in check.  In combination with my Ditka pick, this puts the number one seed as a Western Team, which is appealing as well.

Dockers United FC (8-4) vs. captain insano (5-7)

The Stakes:

Dockers could climb to the three seed with a win and a loss from CHL.  Or they could fall as far as a six seed if they were to lose, and The Brink and Peaty were to win (by more than 20 in Peaty’s case).  Dockers is also the favourite to win the November points race with an 18 point lead on second place.

As sickening as it is, captain insano has an outside shot at making the playoffs.  Whether or not he even cares if he gets in is debatable.  No waiver moves this week, despite having Jahvid Best on IR on his bench.  Twice leaving positions empty this year, once that I can remember last year.  He can get in if he wins, Rape loses, and he can outscore Rape by 7 pts.

The Players:

QB:  Cam and Freeman face off in real football and in fake football this week.  I’ll take Tampa in real and Cam in fake.

WR:  My Stev rant has me feeling a little down, so I’m going to brighten the mood with a Brandon Marshall story that just hit the news.

From Rotoworld: “Brandon Marshall was handcuffed and briefly detained by police in Broward County, FL after being accused of fleeing a $142 cab fare.  The incident happen at around 5AM on November 14 at the Florida International Airport. The issue was resolved, but not until after Marshall tried to get out of paying. “He didn’t know where he wanted to go,” the driver said. “When I woke him up and told him he had to pay, he said he wasn’t and started arguing for me to take him home.” After exiting the cab and trying to flee in another, Marshall blamed the “misunderstanding” on the cab driver’s “accent.” Marshall’s agent, Kennard McGuire, claims his client was “completely innocent.”

RB: I don’t like any RB’s in this match.  Benson, SJax, and Beanie all have bad matchups.  BJGE will be getting pulled after New England puts up a huge lead in the first half to give rookie Shane Vereen a go.

The Rest:  The other best TE in the league Gronk should beast against the Colts.

Prediction:  Dockers puts an end to an insano season.  Stev demonstrates that he cares about the League by giving a solid attempt to win the consolation bracket.

LIONel Hutz (5-7) vs. Juice (3-9)

The Stakes:

Hallelujah! Lionel Hutz completely retooled his team to give himself the best shot at winning week 12 and 13 and was able to snap a five week losing streak at the midnight hour to keep himself in contention.  This week he is once again in a life or death match.  He must win his match, combined with a Rape loss, or a loss from myself while outscoring me by 24 to sneak in.

The Players:

QB: Eli will be throwing a lot against the Packers since the Giants have little ability to run the ball, and has a good shot at outscoring Matt Ryan.

WR:  Juice is making a ballsy play here starting Titus over Santonio, likely because he expects the Lions Saints game to be a shootout.  I like it.  Unfortunately he’s up against Megatron.  Percy Harvin looks explosive and is getting tons of touches with AP out.  Julio is still an inconsistent option.

RB:  Micheal Bush is projecting low against a surprisingly strong Dolphins Run D this week, but I haven’t seen anyone stop him yet.  MJD should find room to run against a weak Charger Run D.  A banged up Shonn Greene and CJ Spiller are never guys you want to be counting on.

The Rest:  DJax seems to barely have a job right now, but could easily go for 200yds and 2 TD’s any given week.  Who knows.  Hardesty looks banged up and is questionable to play, but Juice has several decent options to sub in.  The Atlanta D will sell out to try and bottle up Foster – if they can, then they have opportunities when Yates puts up the ball.

Prediction:  Hutz narrowly beats Juice, and is able to complete his 2011 revenge season over Rape by stealing the eight seed.

The Wops!! (4-8) vs. The Brink (8-4)

The Stakes:

Due to his low point total The Brink can really only slide back (to the six seed) this week, should he lose and Peaty win.  Any other outcome and he’s sittin pretty at five.

QB:  The Pats are a 21 point favourite over the Colts!  I’ll take Brady, even though Romo has a nice match too.

WR:  Somehow Robinson keeps getting it done for the Brink, and there’s no reason it can’t continue with Austin likely out another week.  Fitz is great, but as usual who knows if the Cards can get him the ball.  Roddy seems to be returning to form (too late for the Wops).  And Baldwin could see an increase in targets with Sidney Rice being placed on IR.

RB:  Willis McGahee is getting a ton of touches in Tebowland and is making the best of them behind what must be a pretty good Broncos offensive line.  Reggie Bush narrowly missed double digits last week, but has been downright solid for five weeks in a row.  Gore could have a nice game against the Rams, although he hasn’t been all that good in the last month and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s slowing down the stretch.  MaMo will probably start for the Lions for whatever that’s worth.

The Rest:  Gates is another guy returning to form finally, and should be good this week if Rivers can hold it together.  Branch and Washington are both extremely inconsistent.

Prediction:  The Brink closes out with a win.

Gridiron GIANT (6-6) vs. CHRIST PUNCHERS (4-8)

The Stakes:

I am in the fortunate position of controlling my own destiny, and with a win I would hold the seven seed.  A loss, combined with a Hutz win (and outscoring me by 24) and a Rape win would bounce me out of the playoffs.

CP has a shot at winning the month if he can outscore Dockers by 18, and outscore CHL.  Although I am confident he would take more pleasure in spoiling my season.

The Players:

QB:  Right now I’m leaning towards my man Tim Tebow (which should make this game an easy pick for the Big Guy upstairs – as if CP hadn’t pissed him off enough).  I go up against a guy who I’ve never missed an opportunity to bash, Carson Palmer.  These are both QB’s who can put up big numbers… but everyone is kind of waiting for that disaster game from.  Interesting to see what happens.

WR:  Hakeem Nicks managed to survive a couple huge hits last game, and looked pretty good adding yards on after every catch.  Still, the clear number one in New York right now is Victor Cruz.  Hopefully the Packers have noticed this, and pay him some extra attention.  Antonio Brown is kind of a Victor Cruz lite in Pittsburgh (just subtract all the TD’s) in that he gets all the targets which went to Wallace last year.  He has a tough match up with Cinci, but I got tons of faith in Downtown.  Steve Smith is going to be his usual scary self – I’m counting on you Aquib Talib.

RB:  Blount has a great match up with Carolina, and I’ll need him to really step up in absence of AP and Kevin Smith.  Arian Foster is match up proof (although this is a bad one), and probably doesn’t need a QB.  Pierre Thomas has been doing good things on limited touches, but is not all that reliable with Ingram and Sproles to share the work with.  J Stew is also doing good things and has a great match up against the Bucs.

The Rest:  We have similarly inconsistent TE’s.  Amidst my injury issues, I don’t really have a solid flex at the moment.  I was leading towards Vereen and praying for garbage time.  Green Bay is the better D, but I’m counting on TJax to give the Eagles some turnovers.  Dan Bailey is America, for what that’s worth.

Prediction:  I really do think this is an extremely tight match.  And you know who to count on in those don’t you?

Record to Date: 41-39

Week 12 Preview

I love American Thanksgiving.  Despite not getting the day off work as we do with its northern cousin, I would easily rank it among my top three thanksgivings of the year.  Three football games this Thursday and finally they actually look like they should be fantastic games and great gambling opportunities.  We have the Detroit Lions taking on the Packers, in a game which just feels like the blemish on the Packers record.  We have the recently hot Miami Dolphins taking on the tied for first place in the NFC East Dallas Cowboys who are always ready to blow an important game which they should win.  Finally we have the Harbough Bowl as a night game!

This seems like a perfect time to give a small homage to a place which we are all thankful for, but are going to have to move on from after this week, The Compound.  Now some say The Compound is dilapidated, inhabited by deadbeats, a place where you should never bring a female and never expect to meet one, a place better suited to rats than humans, and a place surrounded by mostly meth labs.  These are all valid claims.  But it is based on these unpolished conditions that we were able to fully realize our degenerate potential.  It’s been home to Sunday Night Football, countless Canucks games, life-threatening benders, Canada Day and various other parties, and the best and blurst of times.  It will be missed.  At least until we get a newer better one.

Juice (3-8) vs. Captain Insano (4-7)

This match of course is two weeks too late, but it will have to do as a substitute for the fight that never was.  Neither of these teams is going to pack the stands but this match is not entirely fantasy irrelevant.  The chat feud between these two can only be fuelled by this match which should provide at least something of interest here.

After being buried by Rob Gronkowski on Monday night Juice became the first Western team to be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. Give him credit though, he’s still making moves and I believe is dependable to continue competing.  Last year, Juice managed to beat The Wops!! in the Sacko bowl, narrowly avoiding the dubious last place award.  He’ll be back in the consolation bracket again, probably with a worse team, and could easily find himself back in the Sacko Bowl.

Stev is still hanging on.  Although he is one loss from punching his return ticket to the consolation bracket, he still has an outside shot if he can win out and score a ton of points.

QB:  Matt Ryan’s the most consistent guy here, but Freeman or Bradford are definitely capable of matching his production.

WR: Andre the Giant finally returns, and for Stev to put up points he will have to do so in Crosby-esque fashion. Of course this is difficult to depend on with Matt Leinart at the helm for Houston.

A quick aside:  This is Matt Leinart’s last chance.  He is getting handed a team with one of the best running games in the league, a very solid defence, and a two game lead in one of the weakest divisions in football.  Not much more you could ask for, he needs to find his inner Alex Smith right now and game manage his way to at least a playoff win.

Juice acquired Santonio Holmes, who is talented, and would put up low end WR1 numbers with semi-competent quarterbacking.  Julio Jones may not quite be ready yet, in which case he’ll probably play one of two upsidey rookies in Titus Young or Greg Little.

RB:  Juice will be starting two ex-Gridiron GIANTS with the consistent MJD and the recently decent Silent G.  Both face tougher run defences (Hou & Cin) than Stev’s backs SJax and Beast Mode who go up against the Cards and Redskins.

The Rest:  Vernon Davis is an excellent TE in a tough match with the Ravens.  He’ll need to be good for Insano and the 49ers to win.  Prediction time:  The Bears defence gets jacked up to Ray Lewis level after the crushing loss of Cutler, and forces the Palmer implosion at long last.

Prediction:  Stev manages to eek out a close win giving him a shred of hope heading into a week 13 match with Dockers.

Suck It Trebek (2-9) vs. The Brink (7-4)

I finally get to give SIT some praise! After the Chiefs decided to double Welker every play, and Gronk made it abundantly clear that who Brady’s number one is The Commish choked on a Monday night and lost to the worst team in the Leage.  Wait, was that praise? Ok I’ll try again with a fun fact for new people in the League:  Prabs made the playoffs last season with back to back wins in weeks 12 and 13 over Peaty and Garc (knocking Peaty out of the playoffs in the process).

The Brink finally lost (of course after I pick him for the first time all year) last week after putting up four straight wins and securing a playoff spot.  Now he needs to win out if he wants any shot at winning the Eastern Division Title, since he trails Lep by a game and 140 points.

QB:  Tony Romo versus whoever SIT picks up as a fill in for Cutler.  If anyone can find a way to screw this up its Romo.

WR:  Nate Washington suddenly woke up last week when Jake Locker came in for an injured Matt Hasselbeck.  Brandon Lloyd should have some room against the Cards secondary.  Oh and Megatron and Dez play for these teams as well.

RB:  Mendenhall will take on a Chiefs run defence which looked pretty stout against BJGE.  Tolbert will goes up against a recently beastly Broncos D centered around Count Von Miller and Elvis “The King” DOOMville. (Most fearsome two names on a single defence?)  Reggie Bush and the rest of the Dolphins have looked shockingly decent lately, but have a tough match up with the Cowboys.  With the injury to Shonn Greene, The Brink will be forced to sub in the entirely washed-up Brandon Jacobs.

The Rest:  Gates is getting back to form, but Jimmy Graham is back off byes.  SIT does have a gaping hole at flex, while Laurent Robinson looks like a good option as long as Austin is out.  I actually like the Dallas defence more than Bmore this week, basically because I think Harbough will play it extremely safe offensively against the Ravens.

Prediction:  Seriously The Brink’s running backs are Reggie Bush, Shonn Greene, and Brandon Jacobs.  How is he here?  I’m taking SIT for back to back upsets.

Cool Hand Luke (7-4) vs. Dockers United FC (8-3)

Here’s the slogans of these two teams: “i’m gonna fukk you up” and “It’s only gay if you like it…”.  I think that’s basically a solid preview of what we can expect from this match and a window into the management ‘behind’ these teams.

But I guess since these are both pretty solid teams they deserve a little more analysis.  Despite losing to SIT last week, the Commish is one game and 40 points back of the Eastern Division Title.  A decisive win here would be a major step towards it.

Dockers just keeps rolling, winning the highest points total last week.  They are 16 points out of first place in the West and have a great shot at the Western Division Title.

QB:  Both intriguing and scary matches but for opposite reasons.  First of all we have Rivers taking on the aforementioned villains who make up the Broncos revamped defence.  The Chargers may not be able to protect him, which could lead to Champ Bailey pulling a few passes away from a gawking VJax.  On the other hand we have Cam Newton taking the third worst run defence in the League in the Colts.  Look for him to be unstoppable.

WR:  Wes Welker can look forward to a heavy dose of Awesomewah this weekend.  A tough match, after the Chiefs proved successful in eliminating him as a factor.  Earl Bennet has looked promising, but now will be depending on Caleb Hanie to get him the ball.  Whether or not he can do that remains to be seen.  I expect Mike Wallace and Mike Wallace White (Jordy Nelson) to outscore these two handily.

RB:  The Pats depend on blitzes to offset their horrible secondary.  Shady is going to have a field day off draws and delays, getting through to the linebackers and safeties on a regular basis.  He’ll easily make up for CJ2ypc’s stinker of the week.  Benson has nice match with the Browns, and BJGE looked unimpressive on Monday.  Don’t be surprised to see rookie Vereen get some more work in his place.

The Rest:  Gronk > Hern. Starks is banged up. I do like the Jags defense against Leinart.

Prediction:  As much as I like Shady, I don’t think CHL has enough to go up against Cam Newton, Wallace & Nelson, and Gronk.  Dockers.

The Wops (3-8) vs. CHRIST PUNCHERS (4-7)

And the last team to already receive a ticket to the consolation bracket is The Wops!!  He actually finished in last place last season after losing the Sacko Bowl to Billy.  This year he might fare better, as Karl is no longer around to help Billy in the consolation rounds.

CHRIST PUNCHERS has drawn a lot of buzz as of late, and rightfully so.  After starting the season 0-6 due to injuries and boating trips, he has won four of five and probably has the best shot of all the 4-7 teams to sneak into the show.  His final game is against yours truly, and if he is able to pull out a win against an underperforming Wops team, and I fail to upset the beastly Ditka this week, could set up a cataclysmic showdown in Week 13.

QB:  The real Tom Brady.  I’ve made my views on the Bears Defence and Palmer quite clear.

WR:  Whether or not Julio comes back, Roddy White is a great target for Matt Ryan.  Hakeem Nicks is a beast, and the Giants need to get him the ball more.  Victor Cruz is reaping the benfits of Nicks drawing double teams, and should see a lot of balls as the G-Men try to keep pace with the Saints.  Steve Smith will have all kinds of space against the second worst pass defence in the League (surprise it’s the Colts!) especially when they have cheat up to help out with Newton.

RB:  Not looking pretty for the Wops.  Frank Gore goes up against Baltimore.  Maurice Morris lost his job.  DJ Ware is concussed.  He might be best to turn to LT since Shonn Greene is out.  On the other hand, CP RB’s are set to feast on weak defences.  With Schaub gone, the Texans will lean on Foster even more.  And JStew goes up against those Colts.

The Rest:  Ugh fuck it, you can all see what’s coming here…

Prediction:  CP continues his charge towards a showdown.

LIONel Hutz (4-7) vs. Rapethlisberger (6-5)

Lionel Hutz’s implosion has been so bad, and so perfectly correlated with CHRISTPUNCHERS blowing up, I would be suspecting Dan of purchasing some sort of body snatching device on the internet if I were Hutz.  He’s now lost five in a row.  Last week victory was ripped from his claws after a holding penalty nullified a 40yd Harvin TD, a taunting penalty nullified a 50yd DJax reception (who even knew that the play could be nullified in that situation?), and a DJax punt return TD was taken away after he supposedly stepped out of bounds (although replay seemed to suggest he did not, and for some reason the officials did not review it).  Greater powers are at play here.  Ok and now the bright side:  If he beats Rape here, he need only beat Juice next week to have a decent shot.

Rapethlisberger won a HUGE game against Stev last weekend to provide him a two game cushion above the 4-7 teams who have all outscored him.  He needs only one win to lock up his spot and avoid that common pitfall of championship teams missing the playoffs.

QB:  An Eagles QB will play against the atrocious Pats secondary, and whoever that is I’m betting he’ll be starting for Rape.  I’m also betting he’ll outscore Skaubez.

WR:  DJax has a great match up with the Pats, although he’ll be less of a factor because Rape will be throwing to him.  And because he’ll find a way to fuck it up.  Bowe has a tough match with the Steelers.  Boldin has a tough match with the 49ers.  AJ Green goes up against a Browns defence which has given up the least fantasy points to opposing receivers.  I was surprised when fantasy sites were saying this was a bad matchup for him, and after looking into it I don’t think it is.  Here are the QB’s the Browns secondary has faced so far: Dalton (AJ scored), Painter, Moore, Hasselbeck, Campbell, Tavaris, Alex Smith, Schaub, Bradford, Gabbert.  Colour me not impressed.

RB:  Ray Rice continues to impress, but it’s Micheal Bush who has really surprised.  The guy is playing like a top 5 fantasy back, and will be as long as RunDMC is out.  Both have tough match ups this week (49ers, Bears).  Willis McGahee should be back against the Chargers and is a better option than Helu who apparently has not yet earned the trust of Shanny.

The Rest:  Olsen and Daniels are the same guy in similarly promising match-ups.  Harvin will be a difference maker with AP out.

Prediction:  It seems only fitting Hutz finds himself in a life or death match with his arch nemesis from last season.  I think he’s due for a win, and he manages to live for another week.

Peaty Whisky (7-4) vs. Leprechauns (8-3)

It’s questionable whether or not Peaty is back on track.  He managed to beat a weak Wops team, but on the whole he appears inconsistent in his points production.  A win here would tie him up atop the East with Lep and give him a decent shot at an Eastern Division Title.  A loss would make him fairly vulnerable to being caught by a hungry GIG squad.

Leprechauns can basically lock up the Eastern Division Title with a high scoring win.  It seems right that these two should play the same weekend the Packers take on the Lions on Thanksgiving morning.  We should have a pretty good guess who’s going to take this one before the weekend even arrives.

QB:  Rodgers and Stafford in an Eastern Div shootout. Love it.

WR:  I think Jennings will outperform VJax based on the Chargers inability to deal with the Broncos pass rush.  Torrey Smith and Denarious Moore are both homerun hitters in difficult match-ups.

RB:  The Bears are going to lean on Forte without Cutler, even more so than usual.  I think Ryan Matthews gets it going a bit with some screens to throw off Denver.  Wells seems like he’s always banged up and I don’t trust him.  Turner has been performing but I wouldn’t be surprised if he slowed down as we get later into the season.

The Rest:  By all rights Finley should be having a Gronk type of season, but Rodgers seems to prefer other targets.  Ben Tate should get a healthy workload against the Jags, which means production.  DWilly plays the Colts, but it seems like JStew is the better option there.  I like the 49ers Defence in this one.

Prediction:  The Lions upset the Packers and the Peaty upsets the Leprechaun.

Gridiron GIANT (6-5) vs. HURRICANE DITKA (8-3)

Well I managed a close win over my brother which means I control my own destiny.  One win and I’m in.  Two and I have a solid shot at moving up the standings a bit.  None and there’s a good chance I get eliminated.  Yikes.

Ditka sits in prime position to claim the Western Division Title as long as he can outperform Dockers over the next two weeks.

QB:  Tim Tebow has exceeded my expectations as a fantasy quarterback.  I have a legit QB controversy heading down the stretch.  I think this is what Marlow calls a good kinda problem.  Oh and Ditka’s starting Drew Breese, who will be murdered by Pierre-Paul, Kiwanuka, and Tuck.

WR:  Larry Fitz has a nice match up with the Rams, and I’m pretty sure I can count on Skelton to throw him the ball 15 times regardless of triple coverage.  Downtown Antonio is back off bye’s and takes over the WR2 spot from the ousted underachiever Santonio Holmes (Sanchez and Shonn Greene’s fault).  Colston always scares me, hoping for a big Meachem/Graham day.  Maclin is dangerous if he plays.

RB:  AP’s injury scares me.  I’ve been told that recovery time from high ankle sprains are difficult to predict, and I need him back soon. But Kevin Smith stepped up for me and will hopefully continue to be a factor.  I also welcome Blount to the squad, after watching him score a ridiculous touchdown against the Packers last week (For those who haven’t witnessed check it outà  On Ditka’s side FJax is banged up, and I think it’s only fair he sits out along with AP.  Sproles and Demarco Murray remain as dangerous options.

The Rest:  Wittens better than Winslow, but Winslow stepped up huge for me last week with 130 yards receiving.  Hoping to see that continue.  I need Tebow to keep throwing it away from everyone to keep Ditka’s Chargers defence at bay.

Prediction:  I’m ready to punch my ticket to the show baby!


Record to date: 39-34

Week 11 Preview: The Russian to Get it Done before TNF Edition.

One of three men Stev would bang. Collect them all!

As the title would suggest this is a slightly rushed version of the Preview.  Instead of an intro, I’ll give you a quick story.  After talking a whole lotta smack about his Madden prowess, Stev got his ass handed to him by yours truly yesterday when I went to his house, and beat him on his own system in back to back games.  Please do not pass up any opportunity to ridicule him for this.

Rapethlisberger (5-5) vs. Captain Insano (4-6)

The much discussed seven and eight playoff spots are still completely up for grabs and this match is one of two this week which will go a long way towards deciding who gets them. Captain Insano and Hutz are the teams with a legit shot at weaselling their way in (all due respect, and by that I mean none, to CP, The Wops, and Billy).

I’m still in shock that Insano was able to pull this off and be in the mix for the playoffs.  First there was the famous 7 man victory.  Then last week, I left the morning games with a 50 point lead and AP, Santonio and Nick Folk going up against the Bears D, Plax, and Vernon Davis.  That has got to be considered one of the great all time comebacks in fantasy football, and I will forever hold Matt Stafford (Two TAINTS – Touchdown after interception for the uninitiated) and Nick Folk (missed 24yarder which would have won me the match) responsible.  They are both banished from the GIGs.  Now Stev is looking at a winnable match-up with a beleaguered Rapist followed by a cupcake matchup with Juice.  What an asshole.

QB:  Alex Smith vs. Sam Bradford? Really guys?  Let me give you some free advice, generally the difference between fantasy football and real football is that in fantasy you get to compile an entire team of players who excel at their positions… oh wait I’m starting Tebow.

WR:  Boldin and Marshall are capable of putting up points. They are also capable of stabbing their loved ones.  At least Marshall is.

RB:  Ray Rice has a tough match-up with an excellent Bengals D line.  Roy Helu has been playing really good football lately, so Shanny will probably bench him.  Stev’s two backs face off this week in real football in a match which should be a good opportunity for both.

The Rest:  I started to write something about Vernon Davis, Plax, and Chi-Town’s Def but just kept shaking in an uncontrollable rage and hitting the wrong keysgtrdkffjjdfdwmwdmmdw.

Prediction:  Insano because no one deserves it less.  And because Rape got dangerously close to the Gray Cup which just can’t be a good thing.

The Brink (7-3) vs. CHRIST PUNCHERS (3-7)

This stud vs. dud match up has been tastefully spiced up by a generous serving of trash talk throughout the week.  If we’ve learned one thing about Frenchie it’s that he wins much less graciously than he loses.  CP being so vocal about his admirable laughable playoff aspirations makes perfect fuel for the fire in this Eastcoast thriller.

QB:  The Brink should be starting Romo, but has boldly given Fitzpatrick the nod as an insult to his opponent.  CP seems to be thriving with the speedy Oakland receiving corps, but don’t ever put a complete implosion past him.

WR:  Megatron and Steve Smith (who has officially won the NFL’s Steve Smith dual, such that he no longer need be identified by team) face each other in real and fake football this week.  The Lions have a weak secondary and assuming Cam can get him the ball Smith should have room to break a long play.

RB:  Reggie Bush is a consistent running back who has been a major factor in the success of both The Brink and the Miami Dolphins over the past few weeks.  Wait, what the fuck did I just type?  I need a shower.

The Rest:  The Lions are going to probably keep Pettigrew back to block more in the hopes of providing Stafford with some protection after last weeks debacle in Chicago.  Decker can look forward to being swarmed by a bored Jets secondary.  Gates and Jacobs seem like the better plays.  Both teams have great D’s.

Prediction:  Clear me a spot on the bandwagon boys! I’ll take The Brink to put an end to CP’s playoff talk, and become the Leagues foremost Obvioustician.

Cool Hand Luke (7-3) vs. Suck It Trebek (1-9)

This week the Commish decided to fly out from his ivory tower back east to see what was really going on in the grimy streets of the Western Div.  Unbeknownst to him we will be slipping large quantities of narcotics into his bag, and upon return Crich will tip off airport security and have him permanently detained.  At this point he will no longer be able to act as Commish and will have to forfeit his high playoff seed to his second ranking commander, yours truly.  Luckily he doesn’t actually read my column or the plan would be revealed.

QB:  The Bears Defence will have their way with Rivers, so I’ll take Cutler.

WR:  But if I’m taking Cutler, he has to be throwing to Earl Bennet which means good things for CHL.  So does a Wes Welker match up against KC.

RB:  Shady Mccoy the most trusted man in fantasy sports, and a possibly revitalized CJ2K?? That’s a scary backfield.  Now taking into account that SIT is starting Danny Woodhead as his RB2 my prediction is becoming predictable.

The Rest:  Prabs team looks worse than usual.  And his usual is 1-9.  So lets just move on.

Prediction: CHL

Juice (3-7) vs. Dockers United FC (7-3)

Juice takes on Dockers in a match which will only determine that Billy is not making the playoffs.  At this point Juice would probably be best off to start thinking about how he is going to stay out of the Sacko bowl next season and preparing a better draft strategy.

QB:  Cam Newton will run all over a blitz-happy Detroit D Line.

WR: Right now Julio Jones is the only WR on Juice who will be starting this week.  Not a good sign.  Jordy Nelson is on the NFL network as I’m typing this.  The volume is off, but I can tell by his cocky grin that he must be scoring a lot of points this year.

RB:  Between these two teams you basically have a list of all the running backs in the NFL you really don’t want to be relying on (CJ excluded):  Starting with poster boy Peyton Hillis, Blount, Chris (Silent G) Ogbonnaya, Daniel Thomas, Ryan Torain, Ryan Grant, Cedric Benson, Law Firm, Lance Ball, and Jackie Battle.  These teams are where running backs go to die.

The Rest: Gronkowski and The Jets Defense taking on Tebow (Gulp…)

Prediction: Dockers

The Wops!! (3-7) vs. Peaty Whisky (6-4)

The Wops!! is the final 3-7 team with a ridiculously outside shot at playoffs.  He seems to be the popular upset pick around the League this week, as Peaty has been extremely boom or bust in the past month.

QB:  Brady and Eli(te) both have good match-ups, but no matter how bad Philly’s been lately they’ll get up for the Giants.

WR:  All strong receivers capable of big performances.

RB:  I’ll take Forte against the Lions, and a healthy Ryan Matthews over Gorris.

The Rest:  Looks like Peaty might be starting the Crab as Stevie Johnsons status for Sunday is in question.

Prediction:  Peaty defies the projections and comes out with a win.

Gridiron GIANT (5-5) vs. LIONel Hutz (4-6)

I will once again square off with my brother this weekend in an event which traditionally causes more domestic violence than Jack Daniels and cocaine put together.  Last year we split the regular season match-ups and I took pleasure in knocking him out of the first round of the playoffs.  This year he won a shootout match against me in week 2.  Our second match-up is a key game in determining the last couple playoff spots, and we are both desperate for a win.

QB:  Tim Tebow vs. Mark Sanchez. Is it just me or are there a lot of terrible QB matchups this weekend.  This is Tebows biggest test yet.  I wouldn’t say I’m confident going against that Jets D.

WR:  Fitzgerald and Bowe are both extremely talented receivers with extremely shaky QB’s.  Santonio and DJax are both guys who need to do more.  Showing up to team meetings would be a good start.

RB:  LIONel Hutz faces the difficult prospect of having to try and pick guys who end up starting this week out of his plethora of injured backs.

The Rest:  Harvin is more upsidey than Little, The Giants D against Vince Young would be an interesting match.

Prediction: Gridiron GIANT.

Hurricane Ditka (8-2) vs. Leprechauns (7-3)

I couldn’t believe it when checked to see what the Cross-Div match was this week.  Far and away the best two teams in the League, these two face off in a titanic matchup.  If Ditka wins he will be in the drivers seat to take the top seed and play the eighth team in.  A win from Leprechauns would put himself, CHL, and Dockers very much in contention for that top spot.

QB:  As I begun to type Drew Brees’ name in I checked the match and realized the Saints are on bye.  So much for game of the century (they rarely live up to the hype).  Rodgers over Flacco.

WR:  Jennings over Maclin.  Nelson and Williams are even.

RB:  FJax and Demarco will have to beast to give Karl a hope of staying in this one.  And they might.

The Rest:  Both awesome tight ends, and defences who will have opportunities for some picks this week.

Prediction: Leprechauns.


Record to Date: 35-31